In this article, you will find all the required details about the Ford Motor Company. We will try to share details such as Ford Motor Company’s address, their email address, their contact numbers and much more. But before we get to that, let us have a look at Ford Motor Company’s history

The Ford Motor Company or simply Ford is an American multinational automaker and it’s main headquarters is located in Dearborn, Michigan. The Ford Motor Company was founded on June 16, 1903 by Henry Ford

Ford Motor Company address

The Ford Motor Company is one of the largest automobile manufacturers in the world and its net worth is about 150 billion US dollars. Ford Motors is often credited with the introduction of assembly lines in their factories which kick-started the large-scale manufacturing of products. 

It was Ford’s Model T which shaped the automobile industry as it is today because it was the world’s first affordable car and more than 100 years later, it still remains one of the highest-selling cars of all time.


Ford motor company

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Ford Motor Company Address and Contact Details

Following are all the contact details of the Ford Motor Company you might require. 

1. Ford Motor Company’s Headquarters:

If you want to pitch an idea or you have a query you want to discuss with a Ford personnel, you should head to 1 American Road, Dearborn, Michigan, 8126, United States. The headquarters is also known as the Glass House and it was inaugurated in 1956. The headquarters remain closed on the Weekends and on Weekdays, the working hours are from 9 AM to 5 PM

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2. Ford Motor Company’s Contact Number

If you cannot visit the headquarters, you can always contact them on +1 313-322-3000. You can also fax them at (800) 392-3673

3. Ford Motor Company’s Mailing Address

If you want to go old-school and write them a letter, you should mail them at Ford Motor Company, Customer Relationship Center, P.O. Box 6248, Dearborn, Michigan, 48126

4. Ford Motor Company CEO Email Address

If you want to get in touch with Ford Motor Company’s CEO, you can send them a mail at

5. Ford Motor Company’s Twitter Handle

You can also get in touch with Ford via Twitter @Ford

6. Ford Motor Company Credit Customer Support

If you want any assistance regarding credits, you can contact them at  (800) 727-7000

7. Ford Motor Company Roadside Assistance

For roadside assistance, feel free to call Ford Motor Company by dialing (800) 241-3673.

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